Music: V.D. Vanishment Day OST

Is it a day of Vanishment? Or a Vanishmented Day? We may never know.

Is it a day of Vanishment? Or a Vanishmented Day? We may never know.

I missed this album when it came out a few months ago (probably also because I completely missed the game. Stepping outside my usual utter adoration for Shimomura's work, I'd say the biggest "criticism" I have for V.D. Vanishment Day's OST is that it's very much evocative of all of the characteristics modern Shimomura music tends to have, perhaps without really diversifying or venturing outside that realm. Simply stated, it's a bit safe. That said, intense strings, great (and prominent) piano, and a very Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance-esque sound to the major battle themes (Rock on the Heaven!) make it a strong, if familiar album. Built a Fire, the tune I've sampled here, runs a bit more along the lines of Cavern of Remembrance from Kingdom Hearts II.5. One of the most entrancing parts about it, I find, is the steady, almost droning consistency of the bassier notes on the piano, thrumming in the background for the duration of the track.

The second tune I've sampled, The Tempest, is both awesome (he said without a hint of favoritism) and completely similar to Dark Impetus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Of course, the songs aren't identical, but I'm pretty sure even a quick listen would tell you that there's some clear inspiration for the newer tune. 

In any case, if you have any love of Yoko Shimomura's modern work, seek out a copy of V.D. Vanishment Day and give it a listen. I suspect you will not be disappointed.