Bad apple wars

"Though Bad Apple Wars is awash in melodrama, each character has a clear personality that shines through the English text; it's deftly localized..." - Derek Heemsbergen, RPGFan

"...overall they did a great job; especially by getting creative and translating things that do not have a direct translation in English. Coming up with the word "Vexam," was almost more clever than the Japanese word combo that was used." - Kaylaslovely, The Buttonsmashers

Akiba's Beat

"Thanks to a terrific localization and a great cast of characters, the story of Akiba's Beat really shines, and is far and away the highlight of the game." - Adriaan den Ouden, RPGamer

"And a good localization is exactly what’s on display here, with biting jokes that hit hard, Western references that range from Resident Evil 4 to Ghostbusters, and cheeky puns that continually one-up each other throughout the entire experience." - Elias Blondeau, CGMagazine Online