Work (Updated October 5, 2018)


As a Japanese-to-English translator and an editor, I've worked on video games across numerous genres, printed books, interviews, and manga. Regardless of the medium, I'm dedicated to producing work that renders the source material into fun, fluid, and natural English text. 

I also have a passionate interest in the art and history of video game music, and am happy to consult and provide translation services for projects centering on game audio history, preservation, and appreciation. Feel free to send me an inquiry at any time!


The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days - Volume I Kodansha Comics - Translator - Manga

Dragalia Lost 8-4 LtdTranslator - Mobile

VGMO: Yasunori Nishiki/Octopath Traveler InterviewTranslator

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Aksys Games - Editor, Japanese-to-English - PlayStation Vita


The Art of Persona 5 Prima Games - Translator - Art Book

Bad Apple Wars Aksys Games - Editor - PlayStation Vita

Akiba's Beat XSEED Games - Translator - PlayStation 4/Vita

VGMO: Yasunori Mitsuda InterviewTranslator

The History of SUNSOFT - Part I Shigeki Shimizu Interview - Translator

The History of SUNSOFT - Part II Shigeki Shimizu Interview - Translator


Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Sound - Translator

Successor: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed Materia CollectiveTranslation Support, English-to-Japanese


VGMO: Takayuki Nakamura Interview - Translator

VGMO: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX OST Liner Notes - Translator

VGMO: memória! -The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura- Liner Notes - Translator