Listening: Castle of Illusion (Genesis/Mega Drive) - Boss Theme (oh yeah and something from Phantasy Star)

Music: Kamiya Studio. Sound driver: SMPS (Z80).

In light of the news that the pretty damn solid Castle of Illusion remake is being delisted soon, I found myself wandering around the OST for the remake and the original game. I didn't especially love the remake's takes on the classic themes-- just something about going to Kirkhope's pleasant style from the harsher, bassier Genesis FM didn't do it for me. Another musical choice I'm of two minds on is the decision to excise the classic boss theme in favor of unique themes for each boss battle. Normally, I'm all over this sort of thing, but I can't say I'm anything but disappointed to not hear a Kirkhope take on the original theme anywhere in the game. 

It could be my nostalgia speaking, but man, this theme just oozes adrenaline. It's probably the most intense theme I can imagine for fighting a killer tree, and certainly one of my favorite uses of the Genesis' sound hardware...

Favorite uses... of the Genesis sound hardware...


Listening: Super Smash Bros - Route 10

Composer: Shota Kageyama

Arranger: Yoko Shimomura

Sure has been a while since I've posted. Taking translating tests and moving (first countries, then states) takes a lot of time... go figure!

In any case, I'm currently suffering from a lack of 2v2 Smash 4 in my life, so I'm looking to the OST to help stave off my urge to forward-air hapless folks off the stage (2014-2016 Ft. Shulk).

Anyone remotely familiar with the Smash series can tell you it has always had a rich musical history, calling back first to Nintendo's own classics, and later branching out all over the place with tons and tons of outstanding arrangements. Because I am shamelessly biased towards Yoko Shimomura though, I'm compelled to draw attention to her fantastic reworking of Shota Kageyama's Route 10 theme from Pokemon Black/White. I've only ever experienced post-Red/Blue/Yellow Pokemon games through their music (which is lovely), but I've always been a fan of the original Route 10 theme. The choice of instruments in Shimomura's arrangement of course bears the unmistakable mark of her stringwork, but thanks to the original melody, it has a distinct flavor from her other recent work.

Also seriously, that piano that begins around 54 seconds is amazing. Go enjoy it.